Sunday, October 26, 2014

Taking Back Your Power

Does it seem like you are a perpetual victim of circumstances? Do others always seem to take advantage of you ? Are you a doormat, or a constant victim of abuse, whether it be, physical, mental, emotional or sexual? 

I was one of those people and have been a victim of all the abuses mentioned above, but NO more. I have learned how to stop letting people, places and things control my life. I have taken back my power and no longer give it away!

First I had to own my part as to why I was a victim in the first place.For the most part it boiled down to choices that I made, in spite of the red flags, that warned me of the dangers and chose to ignore. I allowed people to walk all over me, use me and take advantage, rather than stand up for myself and say NO to people. I was afraid the wouldn't like me if I didn't do what they wanted. I had to learn to love myself and become my own best friend, so what others thought of me no longer mattered so much. Doing this gave me back my power, that I allowed them to take from me and rob me of my joy. I also learned not to take things people said or did to me personally. It was NEVER about me. It wasn't because I'm Trish or I did or thought bad things, so I deserved to be used and abused.
These things happened to me for only two reasons.
1. I allowed them too.
2. I was the person who happened to be in the abusers life at the time, otherwise the abuse would have happened to whoever else was in their life, if it wasn't me.
However, if I really wanted to take my power back and hang on to it I had to FORGIVE all those who had wronged me, and forgive myself for allowing it .and for any wrongs that I have done. 
I made the conscious choice NOT to remain a VICTIM and dwell on the past and why these things had to happen to me. Instead I chose to learn and grow from my experiences, retain my power and not give it away and become a VICTOR !!  VICTORY IS OURS